As the world makes a shift online, from our daily habits increasing our reliance on the internet here is an interesting topic that comes up, the aspect of online anonymity. Anonymous apps such as Whisper and Secret have made us aware of the issues we face in the modern world, reigniting the debate as to whether anonynmity outweights the risk it comes with.

This is an important topic beyond tech, a question of how humans should treat one another: Can we improve ourselves? Do we want to? Do we have a moral obligation to do so? People in tech are outstanding at building, but at moderating? There we don’t have much of a track record. Even the likes of Facebook have not been able to control that and make favourable decisions most of the time.

People are people, and will exhibit bad behaviour almost anywhere so it's more of an individual choice. We have soldiers in Afghanistan, who might not have proper resources to get the emotional support they need during combat. This platform act as a medium to express feelings. Anonymity facilitates the feeling of "I'm not the only one out there...".

Like any other platform there are bound to be issues which we have no control over, such systems will always get users. But to what end, and at what cost. Sometimes it depends individually such that our personality defines who we really are and what we end up doing.

We all have a story to share, and most of the times we learn from our mistakes but I believe we can learn from other people's mistakes too.

The facts are laid out but I think it's all about making the right choice by figuring out if the positive aspects of this ideas outweigh the negative.

For those who'd like to give it a try, you can visit Secret or Whisper to get a better understanding.