To celebrate our very first socity meeting we gave free drinks and pizza to all attendees. We got to know some really cool people, and a lot of you were 1st Year students. We welcome you to our great campus!

It is a tradition for all societies to have a meet and greet event in the start of the year. But this was not only a meet and greet for us. This was our very first official meeting. And seeing it go so well and to have students we have never met before walk in that door and say they are here for the EECS Society makes me proud. I am glad to see that there are other students that want a society like this one.

We want to create an awesome community where we all can have fun and learn from each other. To do so we need to talk to you to know what you guys want. And that was what this evening was all about.

We are planning a programming competition for our next event. If you have ever heard about Robocode, then you might take a look into it ;)

Thanks everyone for showing up! Follow our Twitter and Facebook for more information about events and the society.

You can contribute with technical articles in our GitHub repo. We have made a guide there for you to follow. Also you can check the issues section to read and comment on projects and events for consideration.