The society is dedicated to benefit the students and widen their academic horizon by organising social and educational events. Technology excites us, and we want to create a community that cultivates this by having an entertaining and interesting environment between passionate students.

The Society embodies the curiosity of all our members. Together we explore and tinker with all things intriguing ranging from assembly languages to interface design. With a growing array of technologies we can discover and create new things every day.

Join us, and share our passion.

If you have any questions contact Henrik Skogmo, Dmitrijs Milajevs or the society organisers list.


Our aim is to build a community where knowledge is shared and ideas are implemented. To achieve it we organize the following:


Share opinionated articles on technical topics on our blog. If you know something special write an article about it. Check the blog regularly, as there are articles written by your peers who had to solve the same problems as you do. And remember, the best way to learn something is to explain it so somebody else.

Taster Sessions

Give an introduction to new technologies that are not yet adopted by the industry. For example, Hacklang, PostgreSQL 9.4 hstore and anything else you can find promising.


Organize workshops on topics related to computing, such as Introduction to version control.


Being equipped with leading edge knowledge we test it by organizing programming sessions over a weekend to implement a cool idea. Frankly, we just look for beer and pizza.


Prepare ourselves for programming competitions by studying data structures and algorithms. Organize such competition to figure out the smartest programmer.

Project Acceleration

Give any kind of help so you could implement your idea.

Career Guidance

Link students with companies. Even a super star developer needs to find a place to work after the graduation!