There are several events on the radar that not only give you loads of knowledge, but also give you some money.

PyData in London

PyData is a conference dedicated to the scientific tools in Python. London is the first city outside the U.S. that hosts the conference on February 21 - 23.

This time several diversity scholarships are offered. Here is the announcement from the conference page:

One of the goals of PyData is to increase awareness and excitement around opportunities for women and underrepresented groups in software engineering. To increase diversity in scientific computing, our outreach programmes range from hosting workshops to introduce programming to young women, to encouraging diversity in speakers.

For PyData London 2014, we are offering scholarship opportunities to women and those from other underrepresented groups who may otherwise be unable to attend the conference. Generous donations from the Python Software Foundation and NumFocus have made these efforts possible.

To apply for a scholarship, please fill out our application.

Go ahead and drop several lines!

Europython in Berlin

Europython is a largest Python related event in Europe. It's usually running for a week. This year the conference will be in Berlin, Germany, on July 21 - 27.

It is possible to get early bit tickets with a student discount, you just need to send your student ID. Grants should be announced soon, so read their blog or follow @europython. See you in Berlin.

Google Summer of Code worldwide

In case you didn't hear about Google Summer of Code, it is something like a software engineering project, but first, you do something useful, second, you get a lot of support from professional developers (so you are not alone trying to configure SVN and NetBeans), and you get paid.

So far the program is in early stage, the list of accepted projects will be published on February 24. However, it's a good idea to go trough the project list of 2013 to get an idea of possible projects and good applications.