On Oct 4th, the ACM UK/IE Programming Contest, part of the ACM ICPC, will have its second distributed annual event in several locations across the UK and Ireland. This year sponsored by Google, Paypal & EF.

The contest (which runs from 10 a.m. to 3p.m.) is a UK/IE preliminary event, for NWERC - the NorthWestern European Regional Contest, which is a preliminary to the world final.

Undergraduate students take part in teams of 3, trying to solve around 10 problems using 1 computer in 5 hours, with no internet access. These problems are solved by finding the most relevant and optimal algorithm for a solution. Solutions are submitted to an automatic judge, that runs the code, and compares the result with an official expected output.

This year, the contest has 3 sponsors: Google, Paypal, & EF


  • all contestants will get a free contest T-Shirt (with thanks to Google),
  • the top 5 teams in the UK & Ireland win Leap Motions (thanks to Paypal)
  • the top team at Nott, Bath & Imperial win £50pp (with thanks to EF)

Taking part

In case you are interested, Queen Mary can host the competition. Please contact Dmitrijs Milajevs <d.milajevs@qmul.ac.uk> to get more information.